Conservative blasts Trump government 'corrupt in every way': 'Morally, sexually, politically, intellectually, ethically'
Jennifer Rubin -- MSNBC screenshot

Conservative Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin lambasted President Donald Trump and his government for being "corrupt in every way."

Rubin appeared on MSNBC's "Last Word," where host Lawrence O'Donnell brought up the sudden friendship between a sketchy business owner of a spa that was shut down for a prostitution ring.

"In any other presidency, the pictures with the woman who runs the massage parlor or Robert Kraft," O'Donnell said, trailing off.

Rubin noted that people are getting lost because there are "so many women" and so many checks with lawyers and everything in between.

"Which lawyer is this? Which check was this? Which of the two is this?" Rubin continued. "Is this the guy with the National Enquirer or the other one? And this is the problem with the president, is that they are so corrupt in every possible way, morally, sexually, politically, intellectually, ethically. And to your earlier segment, I think the things that matter to them is when he turns on them. When he turns on ordinary Americans and does something to them."

It's unclear if she had specifics in mind about ways in which Trump could turn on his people, but in his proposed budget, Trump decided to steal the money for his border wall from seniors by raiding Social Security and Medicare. She noted that many of Trump's supporters are gleefully living in their Fox News bubble, while the rest of America is suffering in reality.

"The rest of us here in the real world walking around have pretty much made up our mind that this guy is bad news in every possible way, and so these things just don't change the needle," Rubin continued. "And maybe Nancy Pelosi is right; we're just going to have to resolve all of this in 2020 because it's never going to end."

O'Donnell then pivoted to what he called the "Criminal enterprise called Mar-a-Lago," where Trump charges people for cash that goes directly into his pocket. "Here are people at Mar-a-Lago paying money to get access to the president. This is just one story, one of the stories of what's happening."

Jason Johnson, the political editor of The Root, noted that it isn't just people paying for influence, it's the American taxpayer because the security around Trump's properties is being paid for at no cost to Trump.

"We're paying for his own corruption," Johnson said. He went on to explain that the woman who once owned the massage parlor where Kraft "got in trouble" also owns other questionable places.

"It makes you question: Why is it that everybody around the president seems to be defiled in some way, shape or form?" Johnson asked.

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