Ex-federal prosecutor says Roger Stone is out of chances and going to jail
Roger Stone (Photo: Screen capture)

Former federal prosecutor Cynthia Alksne told MSNBC on Monday that Roger Stone, longtime confidante of President Donald Trump, was out of chances with Judge Amy Berman Jackson, and would likely be remanded to jail after his court appearance later today, where Stone will have to explain his failure to comply with a gag order issued by the court.

"He's in a heap of trouble," Alksne said flatly. "Not only is the judge upset about the Instagram post, 'who framed Roger Rabbit,' but the re-release of this book which does everything he's not supposed to be doing, commenting on the Mueller investigation, calling it phony, calling it a witch hunt. Everything he's not supposed to do is in the re-release of the book."

Stone's book, Alksne said, is the least of his worries.

"She's not only pushing Roger Stone to find out what he did, she appears to be upset with the lawyers," Alksne continued. "When you go into court, the most important thing you have is your credibility, and what she's saying to the lawyers is you should have told me about this book."

Alksne cautioned that while Stone may not have informed his lawyers about his pending publication, that probably won't help him now.

"When your liberty's at stake and the people who are supposed to be advocating for you to keep you out of jail, when they're in trouble too, that's a bad place to be," she said. "I would guess that she 'puts him in the back' as we say. She told him he had two chances and he was not going to get a third, and he has violated the order."

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