'We expect charges to be filed' against Trump-loving Jacob Wohl  for bogus death threat report: Michael Avenatti
Jacob Wohl (Screen cap).

Attorney Michael Avenatti on Wednesday announced that he and his new client, Aaron Delgado, were "cooperating" with police in Minneapolis after notorious Trump supporter Jacob Wohl stole Delgado's photo and used it to report a phony death threat that he sent to himself.

"I can confirm that we are cooperating with the Minneapolis police investigation into the bogus death threats made by Jacob Wohl using the picture of our client," Avenatti revealed on Twitter. "We expect charges to be filed against Jacob at a minimum."

Last week, it was revealed that Wohl wrote a death threat to himself via a fake Twitter account that he had created, and then reported the phony "threat" to police in Minneapolis as a legitimate danger to his personal safety.

The Twitter account created by Wohl used the photo of Aaron Delgado, a Minneapolis man who had no idea that his image would be associated with a death threat that he never wrote.

Because of this, said Avenatti, Delgado is now "pursuing criminal and civil claims against Jacob Wohl and his co-conspirators relating to Jacob's bogus death threats."