Former US attorney explains exactly how Trump's CFO Weisselberg could put the final nail in his coffin
Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg/Screenshot

Former U.S. attorney Barbara McQuade told MSNBC on Friday that by virtue alone of his position as chief financial officer for the Trump Organization, Alan Weisselberg could help Congress and investigators determine any criminal intent in the probes swirling around the embattled president.

"Weisselberg apparently knows everything," began host Ali Velshi, noting the CFO's long history with the Trump family and organization. "Checks that were written from that company, money received, all seemed to pass Weisselberg's desk. So the idea that Weisselberg might be coming up for testimony is intriguing."

"He is likely to know a lot of things," replied McQuade. "What can make someone like him in his position as chief financial officer so valuable to prosecutors is that documents can tell you an awful lot of information, but what happens in many of these white collar crimes is that you have to prove intent. That's the hardest thing to prove, that someone was acting unlawfully."

Weisselberg could explain "why someone did something in a certain way, why these documents were prepared, what they were trying to accomplish," she said. "Someone like Alan Weisselberg there can provide that important detail to make what looks suspicious actually a crime."

Watch the video below.