Fox News correspondent knocks Sarah Sanders for turning once-daily press briefing to a rare 'special event'
Fox News reporter John Roberts. (Screenshot)

Fox News' chief White House correspondent John Roberts made a subtle dig at President Donald Trump's top spokesperson, Sarah Sanders, for turning press briefings into uncommon "special events."

Roberts noted that Sanders was expected to discuss the latest White House budget proposal during a press briefing on Monday -- her first in 42 days.

"It only takes a matter of minutes for Congress to say, we're not accepting any of this. What you're going to see this afternoon is more pro forma than anything," he remarked.

"I should point out, too, that this is the first briefing we have had at the White House since the 28th of January," Roberts added. "That's when [they] came out to talk about Venezuela. So really these briefings, as opposed to daily events, have really become special events. So we're all looking forward to this."

Last week, Roberts posted a photo on Twitter showing a press gaggle during the Clinton administration.

"[T]he Press Secretary would bring in all the correspondents and outline the day's agenda and take questions. There would also be a daily briefing in the afternoon. How things have changed," he tweeted.

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