Fox News host Pete Hegseth: America 'lives free' because of 'toxic masculinity'
Rachel Campos-Duffy and Pete Hegseth appear on Fox News (screen grab)

In an apparent attempt to mock feminists on Sunday, Fox News host Pete Hegseth praised "toxic masculinity" as one of the reasons "our country lives free."

"It is national "National Anthem Day," Hegseth informed viewers on Fox & Friends. "I have a huge flag at my house, commercial grade, huge flagpole. I don't know if my neighbors like it."

Hegseth went on to note that he had recently interviewed Captain Dan Pedersen, who founded the Navy's so-called "Top Gun" school.

"A lot of toxic masculinity in that group, by the way, they call themself [sic] the original bros," Hegseth quipped. "They're the reason why our country lives free."

Watch the video clip below from Fox News.