George Conway isn't just getting under Trump’s skin — he’s getting to the president’s allies too: WaPo reporter
George Conway/CNN screen shot

Washington Post reporter Robert Costa told MSNBC on Wednesday that George Conway --husband of presidential advisor Kellyanne Conway-- is not only getting under President Donald Trump's skin, he's beginning to get to Trump's allies too. Conway has been attacking the president on Twitter for months.

"There is a through line between what's happening with Senator McCain and the comments about the late senator by the president, and what the president is saying about George Conway," Costa said. "The president's railing against the Republican establishment ahead of Mueller report, ahead of the 2020 election. He is trying to rally his core voters to have them stick by him through perhaps turbulence ahead."

"George Conway is not John McCain, to say the least, so far as being a figure in the Republican establishment," replied host Hallie Jackson. "Why is this bubbling so much over these last couple of days? Is it that Conway and his tweets have gotten under Donald Trump's skin?"

"It's not so much just the president's skin, but when you talk to Trump allies, they say the president is hearing about Mr. Conway from many of his friends in phone calls, social media updates," Costa said.

"The president, who functions for much of his career as a tabloid figure, someone who goes off what the grassroots are saying more than what the newspapers are saying, he has his antenna highly attuned to these kind of comments," he continued. "Even though it comes with someone with a limited following like Mr. Conway."

Watch the video below.