George Conway rips Trump as 'beyond a reasonable doubt' unfit for office
George Conway/CNN screen shot

George Conway husband of presidential advisor Kellyanne Conway wrote in The Washington Post that despite special counsel Robert Mueller's report --- President Donald Trump is without a "reasonable doubt" unfit for the oval office.

He said that nothing was "surprising" about the findings in the report released by Attorney General Bill Barr that concluded that Trump and his campaign did not conspire with Russia in the 2016 presidential election.

"Yet virtually from the moment he took office, in his response to the Russia investigation, Trump has done precisely the opposite: Relentlessly attacked an attorney general, Mueller, the Justice Department — including suggesting that his own deputy attorney general should go to jail," he wrote

"Lied, to the point that his own lawyers wouldn’t dare let him speak to Mueller, lest he commits a crime. Been more concerned about touting his supposedly historic election victory than confronting an attack on our democracy by a hostile foreign power," he added.

He said, "If the charge were unfitness for office, the verdict would already be in: guilty beyond a reasonable doubt."

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