Glenn Beck buried in mockery after declaring Trump the last male role model
President Donald Trump speaks at CPAC 2019 (left, via screengrab) and Glenn Beck speaks at CPAC 2016 (right, via Wikimedia Commons).

Former Fox News personality Glenn Beck declared Donald Trump the last real "male role model" — and compared the president he used to oppose to James Bond.

First reported by the Daily Beast, Beck's bombastic comments calling Trump "an alpha dog" are unsurprisingly making waves on Twitter.

As writer Robbie Couch noted, Beck "explaining in earnest why [Trump] is one of the last 'male role models' does more to highlight how ridiculous our perceptions of gender norms are than any liberal take on toxic masculinity."

"I'd be curious as to which of Donald Trump's qualities children should model," another Twitter user mused. "The constant lying? The constant infidelity? Perhaps it's his management of money that resulted in a string of bankruptcies."

"C'mon Glenn," the user implored, "be specific."

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