The GOP can't protect Trump anymore -- and now 'the flood water is rushing in': Dem lawmaker
President Donald Trump (AFP / MANDEL NGAN)

Stacey Plaskett, a Democratic lawmaker who currently serves as the delegate to the House of Representatives from the Virgin Islands, told CNN's Kate Bolduan on Monday that Republicans have only themselves to blame if they're upset by new Democratic investigations into President Donald Trump.

After Bolduan asked her if Democrats were being too aggressive in launching multiple investigations into the president, Plaskett replied that they were only doing a job that House Republicans refused to do for the past two years.

"I think what you're seeing is the delay from the Republican-controlled Congress of two years ago," she said. "There have been requests, subpoenas, discussions by members of the House... requesting this information... Individuals like Chairman Chaffetz, Chairman Gowdy, refused to investigate much of this."

Because the GOP didn't do proper diligence of holding the executive branch accountable, said Plaskett, it only now seems like the House is casting a wide net over the White House.

"Now what you're having is the doors have opened and the flood, the water is rushing in on all the things that have been kept back and key out of the public eye for much of the first two years of this administration," she said.

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