Here's all the ways Trump's refusal to divest from his businesses is coming back to haunt him
Donald Trump, pointing at his sons Donald Trump, Jr and Eric Trump (Twitter)

Donald Trump's refusal to divest from his businesses when he became president is coming back to haunt him — and as one Washington Post writer noted, it's happening on multiple fronts.

The Post's Josh Hohmann noted Thursday that four recent news stories "highlight the diverse array of challenges that Trump’s businesses pose as he seeks reelection in 2020."

The first — reports revealing that dozens of undocumented immigrants worked at Trump's clubs and hotels — throws into disarray the president's hardline immigration stance.

Nepotism and conflicts of interest constitute the second way the president's businesses are soon to bite him.

"There is a pattern of dues-paying members of Trump’s private clubs getting special access to the president that ordinary people could only dream of," Hohmann wrote.

An investigation published Wednesday by ProPublica, the Post noted, showed how a note passed from the president to then-Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin on Mar-A-Lago stationary led to a decision that benefitted the dental industry.

While Congressional Democrats now in the majority are hesitant to investigate the president's adult children for fear of bad optics, recent reports revealed that they still intend to look into the roles Trump's children Eric, Ivanka and Don Jr., as well as his son-in-law Jared Kushner, played in his businesses — the third avenue where Trump's businesses are hurting him.

“Don Jr. is right in the middle of all of this. … He’s like everywhere. And certainly in that case I think he would be fair game for questions,” House Oversight and Intelligence Committee member Raja Krishnamoorthi (D-IL) told Politico this week. “In his case, he is a material witness.”

Environmental concerns make up the final way Trump's businesses are bad for his presidency, Hohmann reported, after "a county in Virginia announced yesterday it has fined the Trump National Golf Club for improperly chopping down trees along the Potomac River."