They ‘humiliated the president!’ Bannon rages after Senate rejects Trump’s national emergency
Former White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon. (AFP/File / Michal Cizek)

Congress continues to block President Donald Trump’s efforts to declare a national emergency on the Southwest border in order to secure funding for his border wall. On Thursday, the Senate voted against the national emergency declaration.

But fans of the wall are not easily discouraged. Brian Kolfage is a military veteran who launched a GoFundMe to raise money for the wall. The fund evolved into a Florida-based non-profit called We Build The Wall Inc. On Thursday, the group held a gathering in Detroit, Michigan, reports Detroit News.

Partway through the event, former Trump advisor Steve Bannon berated the Senate for rejecting the national emergency declaration.

"You have to comprehend what happened in Washington today," Bannon said. "Twelve Republicans humiliated the President of the United States on the core issue that brought people out in these states to support him."