Jimmy Kimmel calls Devin Nunes the 'zit on the end of your nose that keeps coming back'
Jimmy Kimmel -- screenshot

Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel cracked up over Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), who launched a lawsuit against the parody accounts that troll him on Twitter.

Kimmel began by asking the audience about the zit that keeps coming back on the end of their nose. "That's Devin Nunes," the comedian quipped.

He read some of the tweets named in the $250 million lawsuits against the social media giant and parody accounts.

"The other account is called Devin Nunes Cow. He's literally suing an imaginary cow," Kimmel said showing a screen capture. "This is the kind of hard-core slander that got Devin running to his lawyer. This is real."

"Devin’s boots are full of manure. He’s udder-ly worthless and it’s pasture time to mooove him to prison. The herd supports @JanzforCongress: Valley resident, anti-crime prosecutor. #CA22 needs a representative who works for us, full time," the Tweet said.

Kimmel went on to call out Nunes hypocrisy for co-sponsoring a bill that would have discouraged "frivolous lawsuits."

He then displayed the account for Nunes' Cow across his screen and begged people "not" to follow @DevinCow.

Watch the opener below: