WATCH: Kellyanne Conway's husband blasts Trump for moving America towards 'a banana republic'
George Conway/CNN screen shot

Federalist Society member George Conway said Friday that President Donald Trump's call for his own Department of Justice staff to be thrown in jail for investigating him brings us closer than ever to "a banana republic."

Conway made the remarks at the Challenges to Rule of Law in America symposium, held at Georgetown University.

"The president has suggested that members of his own Justice Department should be locked up for investigating the president," Conway said. "Now, if people were to get indicted or not indicted on the basis of whether the president likes them, we wouldn't have a republic, we'd have a banana republic."

Conway, who is married to Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway and introduced the two, has frequently engaged in a war of words with the president, trading insults and barbs on Twitter.

"Conway went on to say that he kind of likes the fact that 'you can tweet at rich public officials without fear of retribution in the courts,'" said reporter Laura Jarrett. "So this war continues between the two of them."

Watch the video below.