Local news reporter breaks down seeing devastation after Alabama tornado
Alabama and Georgia tornado devastation (Photos: Twitter and screen captures)

A series of tornadoes moved across Alabama and Georgia Sunday but one massive wedge tornado destroyed Beauregard, Alabama. Upon seeing the snapped trees and destroyed homes, a WRBL reporter breakdown while speaking to the local sheriff about what people can do to help.

"Everyone's asking what they -- they want to help," the reporter can be heard saying off camera with her voice shaking. "They just want to help."

The local sheriff noted that it was beginning to get dark and that was their greatest obstacle in helping find people and ensure residents were safe. At least 14 residents were killed by the storm but that number is expected to rise as crews search through debris.

Tornado season is generally in the spring and tornado alley is considered to be the middle of the country. However, earlier spring tornados often pop up in the southeastern United States. Mississippi is known for having many tornados during the season, but they generally aren't as large or as strong as those that spring up in tornado alley.

Donation options: Central Alabama United Way, The Greater Birmingham Humane Society, Humane Society of West Alabama, Serve Alabama, Habitat for Humanity for Alabama, Georgia United Way, Georgia Habitat for Humanity, Georgia Humane Society (Northeast and Atlanta).

You can see the WRBL report below as well as photos from the damage of the storm: