‘The man is dead!’ Trump supporter trashes president’s feud with the late John McCain as ‘beyond cringeworthy’
President Donald Trump speaking at a tank factory. (Screenshot)

Trump supporter Scott Jennings admitted on CNN Thursday that President Donald Trump's continuing feud with the late Sen. John McCain was an utterly pointless and self-destructive pattern of behavior.

Responding to Trump's angry rant against McCain Thursday, in which the president lamented that he was never properly thanked for allowing McCain's state funeral to take place, Jennings said that Trump was only hurting himself by rehashing so many petty grievances against a man who died six months ago.

"It's not a good idea for him to continue to go down this rabbit hole," he said. "It doesn't help him, it doesn't help the Republican Party, I think it offends a lot of veterans."

Jennings then tried to excuse Republican lawmakers for not speaking out against the president's attacks on their late colleague by pointing out it wouldn't change his behavior no matter what.

"If I speak out against him, if I say stop, is this going to modify his behavior?" Jennings asked rhetorically. "And I think most Republicans... have concluded that it would not modify his behavior."

Nonetheless, Jennings said he wouldn't make any excuses for Trump's latest actions.

"It's beyond cringeworthy to to hear someone speak of an American hero like John McCain in the way Donald Trump is," he said. "The man is dead, the man sacrificed for our country, there's every reason to leave this alone!"

Watch the video below.