Manafort’s court statement was a plea to only Trump — ‘he’s relying on a pardon’: Harvard Law professor
Prof. Laurence Tribe of Harvard Law School on MSNBC.

Former Donald Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort addressed federal Judge T.S. Ellis before being sentenced in the Eastern District of Virginia.

During Manafort's four minute statement, he expressed no remorse.

Former federal prosecutor Mimi Rocah noted, "that is very unusual."

Constitutional law expert Laurence Tribe explained how Manafort's statement shows Paul Manafort was appealing to President Trump for a pardon instead of asking Judge Ellis for leniency.

Tribe has taught law at Harvard for 50 years and has argued three-dozen cases before the United States Supreme Court.

"Manafort’s statement to the sentencing judge wasn’t addressed to the court. It had an audience of one: Donald J. Trump," he explained.

"He’s relying on a pardon," Tribe concluded.