McConnell might flee the Senate in humiliation after sacrificing his integrity ‘on the Trump altar’: columnist
Official photo of Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY)

In a symbolic yet strong rebuke of the President, twelve Senate Republicans voted against Trump's emergency declaration at the Southern border Thursday.

Writing in the Daily Beast, columnist Eleanor Clift calls out Mitch McConnell for his weak leadership in the Trump era.

"McConnell isn’t popular at the best of times and, at what is shaping up as the worst of times for Republicans, the turtle is showing, once again, that he has the spine of a jellyfish," she writes.

Given his low popularity in Kentucky (33 percent), Clift predicts that McConnell might pull "a Ryan" and leave office in 2021.

"That may depend on how McConnell handles this uprising of Republicans. He’s a man accustomed to being in control, and now he’s left his integrity, or what was left of it, as a sacrifice on the Trump altar, Clift writes.

She notes that McConnell may have figured that acquiescing to the President on the wall was necessary to reopen government. "You could say the majority leader sold his soul to keep the government open, but he’d sold out country to party a long time ago."