Melania Trump is the only person who can stand up to Ivanka and win: journalist
Donald Trump, Jr., Melania Trump, Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump and Eric Trump

Journalist Vicky Ward, who recently published a tell-all about the Trump administration called "Kushner, Inc.: Greed. Ambition. Corruption," appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Monday night. Ward revealed an interesting dynamic between Ivanka and Melania Trump, with the First Daughter often getting her way, except for when Melania steps in.

"Who is there to say 'no' to these people?" Colbert asked Ward about the Trump and Jared Kushner's indifference to the rules and norms of Presidential administrations. Ward noted that Melania, who is often maligned alongside the President, may occasionally serve as a positive influence by checking Ivanka.

"So here’s an interesting suggestion: Melania Trump... is the only person in my book who has ever successfully stood up to Ivanka Trump and won," Ward said.

"I have a scene [during the transition in which] Ivanka Trump has told the world that she’s not going to be joining the White House. Absolute rubbish. Behind the scenes [she was] making all the plans. [She actually had] a 'Trump family office' drawn up for the East Wing, which is normally the territory of the First Lady. When Melania Trump heard about this, she put a very quick end to Ivanka’s plans," Ward claimed.

"So, all our hope rests on Melania Trump," Colbert joked.