Ohio union leader hammers Trump for broken promises: 'He told folks jobs are coming back -- we've seen job losses'
David Green of the United Auto Workers talks with CNN (Screen cap).

David Green, a United Auto Workers leader who was targeted by President Donald Trump in an angry tweet this week, hit back at the president for breaking his promises for workers.

During a CNN segment about the closing of an Ohio General Motors plant, Green singled out the Republican Party's 2017 tax law as a major reason for GM's decision to shut down operations in the area.

"The GOP tax cut gave corporations like GM an incentive to build products outside the state," he said. "I just wanted him to understand that... the regulations on books aren't really helping working people, it's not helping companies that actually employ people."

He then turned to Trump's 2016 campaign vows and he said the president has so far come up woefully short.

"A lot of people here voted for him," he said. "He came here and told folks, 'Don't sell your house, those jobs are coming back.' And we've seen job losses."

The GM plant in Lordstown, Ohio closed two weeks ago, resulting in layoffs of 1,400 auto workers.

Watch the video of Green's CNN interview below.