Pelosi wants to keep Trump in office so she can bludgeon the GOP with him in 2020: conservative columnist
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) -- CNN screenshot

A conservative columnist believes that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is being sincere when she says she has no interest in impeaching President Donald Trump -- but he doesn't think Republicans should be happy about it.

Writing in The Bulwark, Benjamin Parker argues that Pelosi's calculation on impeaching Trump shows that she believes he's too inept to post a real threat to democracy.

"Trump isn’t that effective," he writes. "Judicial appointments aside, many of his more consequential and signature “achievements” (if you can call them that)—the Muslim ban, reducing regulations, the sequential summits with dictators and thugs—have been unilateral executive actions with no more staying power than Obama's."

Parker then notes the president's consistently low approval ratings, and he says Pelosi might be counting on Trump to drive up Democratic turnout next year.

"He sold himself as the man who would go to war with the Democrats and could finally win for the first time ever," he argues. "If the Democrats have seen him in action for two years and have decided they want him around for two more, he’s not an asset to the conservative movement. Pelosi’s smart to want Trump to be the Republican standard-bearer for the foreseeable future. Are Republicans?"

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