Rachel Maddow: These are the two mistakes Trump made that just hurt his reelection
Host of 'The Rachel Maddow Show' on MSNBC (screengrab)

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow noted that President Donald Trump had every opportunity to continue on his victory lap with the letter from his hand-picked attorney general claiming he won't be charged with conspiracy. One of Trump's greatest skills was on full display Tuesday: his ability to take anything positive and turn it into something awful.

Such was the case as the president turned to talk about issues that Democrats have bested the GOP on over the last few years: healthcare and Trump's ridiculous border wall.

Trump proclaimed that the Republican Party shall henceforth become known for its work on healthcare. Indeed, the GOP is already well known for their work on healthcare, just not the way they want to be. A mere 37 percent of Americans think the president is doing a good job on the issue, according to a new CNBC poll. While 52 percent think he's doing a lousy job.

At the same time, Republicans have spent almost ten years fighting against the Affordable Care Act, which gave healthcare protections and access to Americans who couldn't get it before. While costs have increased, according to reports, the increases would have been more severe without the bill. Republicans have worked to undermine it and destroy it with as many cuts as possible. Conservative governors across the country have refused to expand Medicaid to cover those in need, which only harmed those in their state.

Today, 50 percent of Americans support Obamacare, and only 37 percent do not. So, when Trump announced he was going to begin talking about the issue, without providing an alternative to killing the law, some Republicans were furious.

The second issue that is about to destroy the GOP is the ridiculous crusade for the border wall. Democrats tried to give the president a deal on the bill, but each time he refused it. Ultimately, he closed the federal government for the longest shutdown in American history. Americans blamed him for it. Now, the president has decided to cut money from the Pentagon budget for the Army and re-route it to get his supporters the wall he promised to deliver.

"So you take those two things together, and I mean, it has been a day with lots of news in it, but it’s also been a day when a lot of news that broke is big news," Maddow said during her Monday show. "I mean, among other things, we learned today that the Trump administration’s legal firepower from here on out, from here at least until the next election in 2020, is going to be devoted in the courts to trying to take health insurance away from tens of millions of Americans, to make them all uninsured and they’ll be fighting to take money away from U.S. troops to instead build Trump a wall that most Americans do not want. Which is, I guess, a nice double-barrelled strategy for the president’s reelection campaign, I’m sure they think that is."

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