Reporter demands to know why Bill Barr refused to quote full sentences from the Mueller report in his summary
William Barr at his Senate confirmation hearing. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Reporter Garrett Graff couldn't help but notice that Attorney General Bill Barr's four-page summary of special counsel Robert Mueller's report didn't quote fully.

There were only four places where Barr quoted from the Mueller report, out of the four pages, yet each of the quotes wasn't in context, nor were they the full sentence.

"But I do think it is noteworthy that we saw in this four-page summary, not a single complete sentence out of Mueller's report," Graff told Anderson Cooper during a Sunday special report. "That presumably, this is a highly detailed, highly nuanced report that he's turned over -- however long it may end up being. And it's noteworthy to me that Attorney General Barr didn't feel he could quote an entire sentence at any point in the four places where he was trying to list the principle conclusions for the public."

Watch Graff's full comments below: