‘Rich people are insane’: Seth Meyers explains how Manafort and college cheating scandal exposed the wealthy
Seth Meyers displays a Paul Manafort graphic (screengrab)

The host of "Late Night with Seth Meyers" explained the parallels between the college admissions cheating scandal and the convictions of Paul Manafort.

"A massive college cheating scandal and the sentencing of the president's ex-campaign chairman have exposed corruption at the highest levels of society," Meyers noted. "The past 24 hours have really pulled back the curtain on how wealth and power operate in America."

"Yesterday, a $25 million college admissions cheating scandal ensnared Hollywood actors and some of the wealthiest people in the country," he continued.

"And today, the president's campaign chairman was indicted in one case for fraud and sentenced in another case after he was already sentenced last week in a third case -- in which he was accused of stealing money and spending it on 'a jacket made from an ostrich,'" he said.

"In other words, rich people are insane," Meyers concluded. "Once you have that much money, it poisons your brain."

"The culture of inequality and pay-to-play at the highest levels of American society has been on full display over the last 24 hours, from serial fraud committed by wealthy parents to serial fraud committed by the president's campaign chairman, people are finally getting a glimpse of how it all works," Meyers concluded.