'He has the IQ of a room-temperature cup of yogurt': Ex-Republican Rick Wilson rails against Trump
Rick Wilson on HBO -- screenshot

On Monday, Republican political consultant Rick Wilson slammed President Donald Trump after he tweeted insults about the late Senator John McCain.

During an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper, Wilson said that Trump is still intimidated by McCain.

"An actual man can own his mistakes and laugh at himself and have some self-referential moments where he doesn't have of this constant fake swaggering act like Donald Trump," Wilson said.

"Donald Trump, you know, for the faux macho act is just that, it's a mile wide and an inch deep. A physical and moral coward, someone who ran from service from his country. The fact that he wants to hide his grades is self-evident because the guy obviously has the IQ as a room-temperature cup of yogurt," he said.

Wilson added, "[Trump is] a man who has never shown any kind of accountability, responsibility, courage, or the integrity of any kind, in any sphere of his behavior. So John McCain is a rebuke to Donald Trump from beyond the grave. And he hates it. He doesn't hate it because of the dossier. He hates it because Donald Trump knows that John McCain was more of a man than he could ever possibly hope to be."

Watch below via CNN: