Rick Wilson roasts Trump loyalists by pointing to Paul Manafort's fate: 'Karma is a magnificent b*tch'
Republican commentator Rick Wilson (Photo: Screen capture)

Republican strategist Rick Wilson took some time this week to mock loyalists of President Donald Trump who still think that they will escape justice after seeing what has become of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

Writing in the Daily Beast, Wilson marvels the physical decay that has enveloped Manafort over just the past two years after he got caught up in special counsel Robert Mueller's probe.

"Already Manafort is a shadow of his former self, his once-lustrous black hair grayer and thinning, his ostrich jackets and bespoke suits already becoming a distant memory," he writes.

He then warns Trump loyalists the president will not stick his neck out to save them, just as he couldn't save Manafort from his grim fate.

"Do you think Trump is going to offer you a pardon to save you from death behind bars? Get a grip," he taunts. "You worked for a conman, a fraud, a serial adulterer, a man comfortable in the presence of criminals, and someone who displays every single worst aspect of humanity. Trump will do everything it takes to preserve his power, image, and money. He will burn the entire Republican party—and likely the nation— to the ground to save himself."

In the end, Wilson argues that Trump loyalists have no one but themselves to blame for willingly working for a man who has shown he has absolutely no morals or shame.

"Karma is a magnificent b*tch," he concludes.

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