'Naive' Kushner destroyed by CNN analyst for using an app 'you download for free' to share secret government business
Jared Kushner (Photo: Screen capture)

On Thursday, CNN analyst Susan Hennessey railed against Senior White House aide and President Donald Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner, after it was revealed that he used his personal WhatsApp account to conduct government business.

"Is there a national security concern if Jared Kushner communicates with foreign leaders over WhatsApp?" CNN host Wolf Blitzer asked.

"Of course. WhatsApp is not a secure communication channel," Hennessey said. "The United States government spends millions of dollars every single year, some of the finest mathematicians in the entire world focused on providing secure communications for government officials. Jared Kushner has decided he wants to use an app you can download for free on your phone."

She added, "The bigger security concern here isn't just what foreign intelligence services might be looking at, certainly they're all trying to get these messages. But the communications he is having. The U.S. Government is all on the same team."

"They have to communicate with one another. The military has to talk to the State Department, and they have to talk to the Pentagon. They need to be able to be on the same page," she explained.

"Kushner is freelancing, and that puts our government at a disadvantage. Now we have foreign adversaries in some cases who know more about U.S. policy than we do," she said.

"It raises the question about whether or not Jared Kushner might be taken advantage of. We have seen foreign intelligence services reportedly think he is ripe for manipulation. He is naive and inexperienced, has a high level of access and complex business relationships. This is the perfect storm of a grave national security threat," she said.

Watch below via CNN: