Secret buyer purchases $2.9 million condo from Donald Trump this month: report
President Donald Trump and the alleged 'fake Melania' Trump (Twitter)

Reports continue to multiply of conflicts of interest and dealings with foreign investors by President Donald Trump and his family and associates.

On Tuesday, Forbes reported that as recently as March 8th, President Trump sold a $2.9 million New York City condo to a mysterious buyer.

The purchase was made by Koctagon LLC, which appears to be a shell company, an LCC that masks the identity of the buyer.

Further digging by Forbes appears to show that an individual named Xiu Qong Li appears in some of the documents related to the sale.

"It turns out that even in a liberal-leaning city, there seem to still people who want to do business with the president—especially if they can keep their true identities shrouded in mystery," Forbes concludes.

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