'It's a shock': Fox News reporter stunned by Bill Shine's abrupt White House exit
Former Fox News Co-President Bill Shine

On Friday, White House communications director Bill Shine announced his resignation, 8 months into the job.

The White House released a statement claiming he would be involved in President Donald Trump's re-election campaign.

Fox News wondered Friday what had led Shine to quit and speculated about who would replace him.

"Really came as a surprise this morning because Bill Sine was there at [Trump's departure from the White House] making sure that everything went smoothly. The next thing we know, his resignation was announced. He tendered it to the president last night," Fox News reporter John Roberts noted.

"The president did appreciate all of his input," Roberts noted. "But it is quite a shock that he was there this morning and now we learn that he's walking out the door."

"Who knows, maybe the Mooch will come back!" Roberts joked.