‘That is absurd’: CNN host explodes at reporter Maggie Haberman for normalizing Trump's hush money payoffs
Maggie Haberman and Alisyn Camerota/CNN screen shot

An interview with New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman went careening off the rails when host Alisyn Camerota flipped out over Haberman suggested that there was nothing unusual about President Donald Trump paying off his porn star mistress while conducting the nation's business.

"This is not the first time you have had a president of the United States who was wealthy, right? There were others who were wealthy who had to take care of private citizen business," Haberman said. "This is a different realm of private citizen business. It is going to continue to dog him, I think, for the next couple of months."

"That is absurd, Maggie," interjected Camerota.

"Which part?"

"The part that Donald Trump every month would sign, by hand, a check for $35,000 and not know," said a laughing Camerota as Haberman insisted it was perfectly normal. "This is a man who didn't even pay his vendors when they completed work for him. This is somebody who doesn't part with $35,000."

"I'm just doing this for a theoretical," Haberman shot back. "Say he thought he was reimbursing Michael Cohen for other things that he may not want people to know about. I'm talking specifically about the Stormy Daniels thing. I disagree that it's absurd."

"Wait a minute," said Camerota. "You're talking specifically that there might have been other things we didn't know about connected to Stormy Daniels --"

"No. I'm saying there might have been other things in the realm of things he didn't want the public to know about," Haberman said coyly. "I don't think we should presume just because we see something that it is giving us complete visibility into everything."

Watch the video below.