The View’s Abby Huntsman left sputtering after Sunny Hostin takes a wrecking ball to her claims about AOC
The View's Abby Huntsman/ ABC screen shot

The View's Abby Huntsman could do nothing but sputter after co-host Sunny Hostin demolished her claim that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called the United States "garbage."

"When we talked about AOC and the quote that she talked about '10% better than garbage,' to put it in context, she was discussing about civil rights and people of color," Hostin said. "What she said all together was, 'I think all of these things sound radical compared to where we are, in terms of the rights of minorities. But where we are is not a good thing, and this idea of like 10% better than garbage, it shouldn't be what we settle for.' So that's very different than saying that the United States is garbage."

"Again -- again-- " Huntsman began sputtering. "Again, if this is the rhetoric that the left wants to have, by all means -- "

"I do want civil rights for people of color," Hostin interrupted. "I think that we're in a very bad place in this country."

"Everyone wants that. Everyone wants that. Everyone wants that," Huntsman repeated like a mantra.

"Not everyone wants that, Abby," chimed in co-host Joy Behar.

"I would say the core of this country at its heart, take Trump out of it, is good," Huntsman said. "I think if you want to be successful in 2020, if Democrats want to be successful, the message is not language like that."

"What about Republican language?" shot back Hostin, as Behar began calling out the GOP's more prominent racists. "They're always giving messages like that to Democrats. What is your message for Republicans?"

Watch the video below.