'Trump is getting rolled': Bloomberg writer trashes Trump for getting stuck with Bolton
US National Security Advisor John Bolton, pictured in Jerusalem in August 2018, described the International Criminal Court as 'outright dangerous'. (POOL/AFP/File / ABIR SULTAN)

Bloomberg news torched President Trump and his National Security Adviser, John Bolton, on Wednesday in a blistering opinion feature.

"All presidents struggle against the executive branch, but Trump sure seems to lose more often than most," Bloombergwrote.

The article, written by Jonathan Bernstein, notes that Bolton seems to be a (so far) ineffective addition to Trump's already weak foreign policy skills, yet Trump is having a hard time saying 'no' to a man who still knows more than Trump does.

"Even if he wanted to replace Bolton, there’s only a tiny pool of people who are both qualified for the job and willing to work in this White House," Bernstein wrote, adding: "which is yet another consequence of presidential weakness....he can’t persuade many people to work for him."

"And if Trump is getting rolled in an area where presidents have unusually strong authority — in their capacity as commanders-in-chief — imagine how he’s faring in other policy areas," he added.

The piece goes on to blast Trump, and Bolton, in equal measure.

"Trump knows little about the executive branch," he wrote, adding that "the president is inexperienced in national-security matters" as well.

And Bloomberg says that Bolton is "ill-suited" for the job, because "Bolton is a policy advocate, not the honest broker that the position calls for." The result of the two in charge together is "chaos," Bernstein says.

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