Trump goes off the rails at Ohio tank factory with tirade bashing McCain: I gave him the kind of funeral he wanted
President Donald Trump speaking at a tank factory. (Screenshot)

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump delivered remarks at the Lima Army Tank Plant a few hours away from Lordstown, Ohio.

Standing in front of tanks, President Trump once again tore into the late Senator John McCain.

"So I have to be honest, I've never liked him much. Hasn't been for me," Trump said. "I really probably never will," he added.

"John McCain received a fake and phony dossier," Trump continued. "It was paid for by crooked Hillary Clinton. He got it. He didn't give it to me, he turned it over to the FBI," Trump said.

"I'm a very loyal person," the President added.

He went on, lashing out at McCain for his vote to not overturn the Affordable Care Act and his role in wars in the Middle East.

He also took credit for McCain's funeral, which he was not invited to.

“I gave John McCain the kind of funeral that he wanted, which as president, I had to approve," Trump said.

"I don't care about this, I didn't get a thank you -- that's okay. We sent him on the way. But I wasn't a fan of John McCain."