Trump MAGA flag at Florida retirement village has residents going after each other: 'I find it offensive'
screen capture/Fox35

A "Make America Great Again" flag has one Florida retirement community divided this week.

According to Fox35 television in Orlando, residents at The Villages in central Florida are split on one resident's MAGA flag that is nearly equal in size, and right below, an American flag for all to see on a flagpole by a resident's home in the community.

One neighbor unsurprisingly loves the flag. "Mr. Trump is our president [and] we should be supporting our president," he told the station of the flag, which was put up a week ago.

But not everyone thinks Old Glory and Trump should be the same size on the flagpole.

"I just find offensive," said one female resident at The Villages who chose to remain anonymous in the news report.

"I don't mind the [Trump] stickers....I don't mind the little [Trump] flag on your golf cart, but to have [a Trump flag] the size of the American flag, and this one that is right underneath it....I just find offensive," she elaborated.

The station then inquired it she found it offensive because the flag says "Trump" on it, the woman seemed to instead simply object to the message of politics right next to the United States flag, "No, regardless of party, I don't think it should be allowed."

Watch the segment below.