Trump Organization store no longer advertising bath soap listing the White House as a ‘Trump Hotel’: report
Composite image of President Donald Trump (official portrait) and soap being sold by the Trump Organization (Twitter)

The official retail website of The Trump Organization is no longer advertising bars of soap that referred to the White House as a "Trump hotel."

Journalist Zach Everson, who specializes in reporting on Trump Hotel DC, reported on Thursday that the Trump Store had debuted a spring collection to celebrate the blooming of cherry blossoms in Washington, DC.

"Four items now for sale showcase the White House—including a bar of soap with 'Trump Hotels' hovering over 1600 Pennsylvania Ave," Everson reported.

As Everson updated on Tuesday, the image on the website had been changed.

"It no longer displays the White House underneath "Trump Hotels."

"Instead it shows the Lincoln Memorial and Capitol underneath "Trump Hotels." Improvement?" he asked.

EDITOR'S NOTE: An earlier version of this story said the Trump Organization was no longer selling these bars of soap. As Everson clarified after publication, "it's just not being shown in the ad."