Trump re-election Super PAC struggles to fill key position -- raising alarms for 2020
Nick Ayers and Mike Pence (Twitter)

The Trump administration's re-election PAC -- America First Action’s 2020 -- is having trouble filling its top spot, Politico reports, with qualified candidates seeming to want to avoid being associated with the President.

Politico observes that Robert Kraft was once considered but will no longer be a candidate due to charges that he engaged with sex work.

Meanwhile, Nick Ayers, who was considered for Chief of Staff after John Kelly quit, has returned to his native Georgia and doesn't appear interested in helping the President get re-elected.

“A super PAC is complementary to the party and the campaign, so it’s a three-legged stool. And you can’t sit on a stool unless you have three legs,” Bradley Blakeman, who founded Freedom’s Watch, told Politico. “You need the ability to raise money from whatever buckets you can raise from with the intent to elect Republicans in 2020 — especially the president. The pressure is great. And it’s not a thing you want to have done, it’s a thing you need to have done.”

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