Alan Dershowitz was accused in federal appeals court of involvement in billionaire Jeffrey Epstein's alleged sex trafficking ring, The Daily Beast reported Wednesday evening.

The allegations were made before the Second Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals on Wednesday.

The case is over a lawsuit filed by the Miami Herald and thirty other media organizations to unseal documents in a lawsuit by Virginia Roberts Giuffre.

Giuffre's attorney, Paul Cassell, said witness testimony shows Dershowitz's involvement in the alleged trafficking.

“When all the records come out it will show that Epstein and [Epstein’s alleged madam Ghislaine] Maxwell were trafficking girls to the benefit of his friends, including Mr. Dershowitz,” Cassell said.

Epstein is also reportedly friends with President Donald Trump, who Dershowitz frequently defends on television.

Dershowitz attacked the Giuffre outside the courtroom.

"She is hurting the #MeToo movement terribly," Dershowitz argued.

Dershowitz also had trouble answering if he was still Epstein's attorney.

"I don’t represent Epstein," Dershowitz first said.

“You never stop being someone’s lawyer," Dershowitz then said.

“I was his lawyer until this deal was made," Dershowitz said next.

Giuffre alleges she was turned into a sex slave while working at Mar-a-Lago.

"One of those victims was Giuffre, who claims she was 15 and working a summer job at Mar-a-Lago in 1998 when British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell allegedly recruited her as a masseuse for Epstein. Giuffre said Epstein kept her as a “sex slave” until 2002 and that she was forced to have sex with his friends, including Prince Andrew and Dershowitz," The Beast reported.

Both Prince Andrew and Dershowitz have denied the allegations.

“I’ve denied ever meeting her or even knowing who she was,” Dershowitz said outside the courtroom on Wednesday.

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