Trump’s promise-breaking budget is 'ridiculous' — and it’s going to get him hammered on the campaign trail: reporter
Donald Trump signaling craziness of protesters (Photo: Screen capture)

Politico's Ben White slammed President Donald Trump's 2019 budget proposal, saying it was "ridiculous" on its face and would haunt the president on the campaign trail.

"Where to start with it? I mean, it's a fairly ridiculous document," White said. "First of all, it's obviously going in the trash on Capitol Hill and is not going to be considered as a serious proposal."

"What Trump is setting himself up for is getting hammered on the campaign trail for proposing big cuts to Medicare, Social Security, social safety net programs, things he said he wouldn't do, all for a document that is not going to get taken seriously," he went on, saying neither the numbers nor the politics made any sense. "I don't see a lot of good to come out of this for President Trump, to be honest with you."

"Let's remember what President Trump said on the campaign trail. Not only would he balance the budget, he would eliminate the federal debt entirely," White continued. Trump's budget "presumes the debt is going to grow under his presidency. It will be larger when he leaves than when he came in."

"Frankly, I don't think Republican voters at this point are all that interested in fiscal responsibility any more," White added, saying Trump was using an outdated playbook better suited to the Tea Party movement from nearly 20 years ago. "They don't want to hear about Medicare and Social Security cuts, it's partly how he won."

Watch the video below.