Trump’s social media complaints are like 'your crazy uncle calling you about conspiracy theories’: MSNBC reporter
President Donald Trump/CNN screen shot

MSNBC's Dylan Byers on Wednesday said President Donald Trump's complaint that social media platforms "collude" to silence conservative voices -including White House Director of Social Media Dan Scavino, who found himself unable to access Facebook when the platform mistook his account for a bot- reminded him of his "crazy uncle" who didn't know how to use a computer.

"It's absolutely not a legitimate complaint from the White House," said Byers. "With all due respect to the president and to Dan Scavino, it's basically the equivalent of when your crazy uncle calls and tells you there's a conspiracy theory against him, because his computer isn't working."

"In this day and age in 2019, tech has become such a great scapegoat and such a great target for myriad reasons," Byers continued. "Some of them legitimate having to do with issues like data privacy, hate speech, fake news, and then for some of them that are actually quite illegitimate having to do with conspiracy theories about anti-conservative bias, which I can assure you at global companies operating at the scale of a company like Facebook, just quite honestly do not exist."

"I don't want to overuse the word 'irony,' but here's the most powerful man in the world taking time out to go after Twitter," chimed in contributor Charlie Sykes, saying that Trump was playing the "victim card" was rich. "Donald Trump and his movement are creatures of social media. He swims in this sea of paranoia and conspiracy theories that never would have gotten traction if not for the social media platforms."

Watch the video below.