Unmatched 'message coordination' White House's Fox News 'revolving door' annihilated again in new New Yorker column
President Donald Trump (left) and Fox News host Sean Hannity (right). Image via screengrab.

Last week, New Yorker writer and researcher Jane Mayer exposed the way in which Fox News has become America's version of state-sponsored television. It once was that Fox News was a shill for the Republican Party, but now it seems like the network is calling the shots for the White House.

In a new WNYC interview with Mayer, the reporter noted that Fox has done its best to purge anyone who challenges President Donald Trump. The opinion side of Fox is not just supporting Trump; they're coordinating with him.

Former communications chief Bill Shine left the White House this week after an 8-month stint in which he was told to fix the way Trump is portrayed in the media. He not only failed in the task, but things have gotten worse.

According to Mayer, Shine helped create the revolving door "through which those who craft the Administration’s political messaging and those who broadcast it regularly trade places," WNYC said. "Mayer also discovered that Shine was linked to the network’s practice of intimidating employees who alleged sexual harassment at work."

Her top example was about how the media reported on this alleged caravan of people preparing to invade the United States. Not only did the president blow it up to try and make it a 2018 election issue, Fox News was reporting on it consistently.

“I was trying to figure out who sets the tune that everybody plays during the course of the day,” Mayer said. “If the news on Fox is all about some kind of caravan of immigrants supposedly invading America, whose idea is that? It turns out that it is this continual feedback loop.”

Outside of Shine, is Sean Hannity, who's on the phone with Trump every night, Mayer said.

"There's a message coordination that I've never seen in other White Houses, and you know, I go back to having covered [Ronald] Reagan, and they thought a lot about the message. They never had anyone who had carried it like this. And other people who've been studying presidencies... they say that this is new."

Listen below: