Wall Street Journal hammers Trump for tearing the GOP apart in blistering editorial
President Donald Trump. (AFP / MANDEL NGAN)

The conservative newspaper of record, the Wall Street Journal, is sounding the alarm early over next year's elections, worrying that Trump may cost Republicans not only the White House, but the Senate, too, in 2020.

"The President needs a united Senate GOP to prevail against the House in the many policy debates to come, and this emergency fight is wasting political capital," the newspaper wrote Friday in an editorial.

"[Trump] is dividing Republicans and helping Democrat Chuck Schumer in his ambition to become Majority Leader," they warned fellow conservatives.

The editorial noted that Trump's hard line immigration stance has already fractured the party.

"President Trump’s immigration misfires hurt his own party in the midterms, and now he looks poised to inflict more damage for 2020....Congress is rebelling against Mr. Trump’s decision to declare a national emergency to build a border wall, though the President will win this battle with a veto, but Republicans in Congress could be collateral damage," they wrote.

The paper predicts Trump may lose many more Republicans in the Senate over the 'emergency' declaration that has split conservatives, and united Democrats against Trump.

"Mr. Trump has already lost three Republicans," they wrote, "but don’t be surprised if a half dozen or more decide to buck the President."

The Journal sounded especially worried about next year's election throughout the editorial.

"Mr. Trump is making life difficult for GOP Senators no matter how they vote, especially as the party defends 22 seats in 2020," the editorial board said Friday. "Republicans will upset Trump voters if they vote to override, and perhaps swing voters if they don't....that’s a tough spot for Cory Gardner of Colorado and Martha McSally of Arizona, both of whom hope to win in states that have been moving left," they wrote.

Read the full editorial here.