CNN's Cuomo's panel owns Trump lover Steve Cortes over 'BS' defense of Trump
Angela Rye, Chris Cuomo and Steve Cortes (Photo: Screen capture)

On Tuesday, CNN's Chris Cuomo's panel ganged up on Trump defender Steve Cortes over defending the president for ignoring the real crisis at the border.

Cuomo explained that there is an increase of undocumented immigrants seeking asylum and there is a lack of resources to support them and their families.

Cortes assumed that people seeking asylum are not really in danger but are simply from "bad neighborhoods."

"A lot of Americans live in terrible neighborhoods. A lot of black and brown Americans and I'm not about to tell American citizens that we're going to take in Guatemalans because they don't have safe neighborhoods," Cortes said.

Contributor Angela Rye said that he was using fear-mongering tactics.

"What is not good is for us to continue with the nonsense and the propaganda and fear-mongering that Steve is using talking about people's bad neighborhoods," she said.

Rye added, "These people are experiencing trauma and after they experience the trauma in their home countries they get traumatized by being separated from their children. That's why Democrats in the House majority have to get to the bottom of this so they can legislate with facts instead of with fear."

Rye went on to slam Cortes and said that he was being subjective and should throw his "talking points" away.

"[Trump] is selling a BS crisis at the border," Cuomo said.

Watch below via CNN: