WATCH: Manafort’s attorney gets heckled after falsely claiming judge said there was no Russia collusion
President Trump's former campaign manager Paul Manafort departs U.S. District Court after a motions hearing in Alexandria, Virginia, U.S., May 4, 2018. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst/File Photo

On Wednesday, Trump associate Paul Manafort was sentenced to more jail time for conspiracy charges related to his foreign lobbying work and witness tampering. He's set to serve 7.5 years.

Manafort's lawyer tried to spin the ruling in favor of Donald Trump, noting that the case did not reveal Trump campaign collusion with Russia.

"What I'm about to say is not a surprise. Judge Jackson conceded that there was absolutely no evidence of any Russian collusion in this case. So that makes -- two courts have ruled no evidence of any collusion," said Manafort's attorney.

A bystander interrupted, calling him a liar.

"Liar! Liar!"

"Very sad day. Such --"


"That is totally unnecessary."

"You guys are liars, man! You're not lawyers! You're liars!" the man chanted.

Although the judge noted that this particular case didn't reveal Russian collusion, there's no evidence that it was within her purview to claim that no Russian collusion occurred.