WATCH: Trump baffles reporters by boasting his ‘incredible’ policies ‘hurt a lot of people’
President Donald Trump talks in the White House (Screen cap).

President Donald Trump on Thursday issued a baffling and incoherent response when asked by a reporter whether he believed that his policy of separating immigrant parents from their children when they seek to enter the United States amounted to cruelty.

In response to the question, Trump initially denied that his policy was cruel, before he then acknowledged that his policies are hurting people.

"No, I don't think they're cruel, I think they're the opposite of cruel," he said. "They become cruel because they're so ridiculous and it hurts people. It actually does the reverse of what they're supposed to be doing. But no, they're actually meant to be the opposite. And they're hurting people, they're really hurting people. A lot of people."

The reporter tried to get a second question in, but Trump cut him off.

"I think we're doing an incredible job," he said. "We're apprehending record numbers of people. But if we had border security and we had the wall, if we had a proper wall, which we're building now as we speak, and we're getting a lot more funding for it, as you know, with what we're talking about with the vote today, whether it's positive or not, I'm vetoing it, unless I don't have to veto, I think that's unlikely, I'll do a veto, it's not going to be overturned. But we have done a great job at the border through apprehension."

Watch the video below.