White House aides avoiding talks about Mueller in fear they'll end up in the investigation: report
President Donald Trump, Mike Flynn, Reince Priebus, Mike Pence and Steve Bannon (Sean Spicer, White House.gov)

White House aides are not giving much attention to Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report even though it is expected to be released soon, according to a report from the Los Angles Times.

Mueller's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election has been going on for nearly two years. The report will be given to Attorney General William Barr who has not stated clearly whether he would release it to Congress or the public.

However, the White House is preparing for the outcome of Mueller's report by staffing up its press office.

"These actions show that a White House known for lack of planning is scrambling to prepare for Mueller’s findings about Russian support for Trump in the 2016 election — and for the gathering storm of Democratic-led congressional inquiries into Trump’s businesses, private foundation and activities in the office," the report said.

"The White House, its allies and its critics are readying legal strategies and talking points for a potential pivot in his presidency," the report said.

The report revealed that Trump complains to his staff about Muller although most of his staff tries to stay out the conversation because there is nothing they feel like they can do.

"Although Trump complains about Mueller obsessively — in private, on Twitter and in large rallies — his aides say they rarely discuss the report at staff meetings, given their inability to do anything about it and wariness of inadvertently getting pulled into the investigation," the report said.

“When we get it, we’ll make a determination of what to do next in terms of strategy,” one top official told the LA Times. “Just like everybody else in America, we’ll wait and see what’s in it," the report said.

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