White House lawyers could be in 'quite serious' trouble after Cohen delivers testimony edits to Congress: Ex-federal prosecutor
Michael Cohen testifying under oath before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform (screengrab)

President Donald Trump's former fixer Michael Cohen delivered documents to the House on Wednesday showing specific changes in his false testimony to Congress from 2017. CNN chief political analyst Gloria Borger said that if White House lawyers "changed the facts" in Cohen's false testimony, they could be in deep trouble.

"Michael Cohen is getting ready to testify on the Hill. His attorney writes a statement, I'm told, and Michael then edits it, and then it's circulated among the other attorneys because they all had a joint defense agreement," Borger said, outlining the context. "It was Ivanka and Jared's attorneys, and the president's attorneys, etcetera and everybody makes their little red pencil inputs on it, and that is the testimony Michael gives."

"The question is did anybody know that Michael Cohen was not telling the truth there? My source says no," she went on. "The other question is what was the input from the president, if any, into this testimony through Michael himself?

"I want to know what the changes were made by the lawyers," added former federal prosecutor Kim Wehle, highlighting that Cohen's perjury was about the timing of the Trump Tower Moscow negotiations. "If the lawyers in changing his testimony actually changed the facts, that's quite serious for the lawyers. It's unlikely given the caliber of these lawyers, but that is a question I would want to know with respect to that."

Watch the video below.