Reporters ‘absolutely must’ ask Barr these 7 questions at Mueller report press conference: Ex-prosecutor
William Barr testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee in 2005, screengrab via Wikimedia Commons

The former chief prosecutor of the organized crime and racketeering unit for the Southern District of New York on Wednesday laid out the critical questions reporters must ask Attorney General Bill Barr at his Thursday morning press conference.

Pace Law distinguished fellow in criminal justice Mimi Rocah, who is also a legal analyst for MSNBC, published her list in reply to a question on Twitter.

"Not that the reporters (necessarily) need the help, but can we groupthink a short list of 3-5 questions they absolutely must ask Barr?" Twitter user McDeereUSA posted.

"Why isn’t Mueller at the press conference?" Rocah asked. "Was he invited to participate?"

Rocah also had a series of questions on redactions.

"Who from his team participated in the redaction process? Were there written or oral guidelines given on what to redact and if so what were they? When were the redactions complete?" she listed.

"You could have moved to have the whole report unsealed pursuant to 6e (absent on-going investigations & classified information). You indicated early on that you wouldn’t. Why wouldn’t you want people to see as much of the report as possible?" she continued.

"Definitely (as others have suggested) -- how did you define 'secret grand jury information' and why did you define it that way?" Rocah added.

She was also focused on how the investigation concluded.

"Why did the investigation end when it did? Who decided that? Did Mueller say he was ready to stop?" Rocah added.