‘Abhorrent’: Watch ex-federal prosecutor’s epic takedown of White House breaking the law to retaliate against whistleblower
MSNBC legal analyst Maya Wiley (screengrab)

Former federal prosecutor Maya Wiley lectured the White House on MSNBC for reportedly violating the law to retaliate against whistleblower Tricia Newbold.

Newbold, who has a rare form of Dwarfism, says President Donald Trump's White House discriminated against her after she blew the whistle on the security clearance scandal.

Anchor Ali Velshi asked former FBI counterterrorism chief Frank Figliuzzi about Newbold's whistleblowing.

Velshi then asked Wiley a different question, but she returned to Newbold's case, "because this matters."

"We have laws in this country that protect people with disabilities from discrimination," Wiley reminded.

"To have it the White House mistreat someone who is a career, nonpartisan, public servant, who cannot reach a shelf -- that falls directly in the Americans with Disabilities Act is," the former prosecutor explained.

"It is abhorrent that we would have a White House that would behave that way," she continued.

"That level of vindictiveness is also a violation of our anti-discrimination laws," Wiley added.