Adam Schiff jabs another thorn in Trump's side by hiring ex-FBI financial crimes chief
Adam Schiff (Screen Capture)

The former chief of the FBI Financial Crimes Section will soon be scrutinizing President Donald Trump's finances for Congress.

Two sources confirmed to The Daily Beast that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) has hired Patrick Fallon, who is expected to bring his law enforcement expertise to the investigations into Trump and his family.

Former FBI counterintelligence officer Frank Figliuzzi called the news important.

“The fact that the Committee has hired someone at the former senior executive service level from within the FBI’s Financial Crimes Section is significant, and to me denotes an effort to apply significant resources to examining and analyzing financial findings,” Figliuzzi told The Daily Beast. “By the time you got to the head of the Financial Crimes section, you would have substantial white collar crime and global financial crime experience, both at the street level and the supervisory level. And his role at headquarters would have had him overseeing the bulk of all financial crime cases in the FBI.”