April Ryan warns Stephen Miller to 'tread lightly' because high-profile Trump aides always end up getting dumped
Stephen Miller appears on CBS (screen grab)

On CNN's "OutFront" on Friday, political analyst and White House journalist April Ryan laid out a sobering warning for President Donald Trump's adviser Stephen Miller, the driving force behind many of Trump's cruelest schemes against immigrants and migrants.

"Stephen Miller is the immigration guru at the White House, plain and simple, end of story, you can close that book," said Ryan. "We've seen the president's reaction when people get too much attention for issues. Like Steve Bannon, remember him? He's now out of the White House."

For a while, Bannon, like Miller now, was speculated about as the man behind the scenes at the White House. Trump was reportedly annoyed that Bannon was upstaging him.

"So if I were Stephen Miller, I would tread lightly as I craft the immigration policies that this president is doing that's breaking the rule of law in this nation," said Ryan. "It's Stephen Miller. It is Stephen Miller. It is Stephen Miller."

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